King of the Dubs

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“King of the Dubs” is the eigth track off ‘In The World Of Light’, an album by Tiki that sees him also teaming up with Dubstep heavyweights Truth, Optimus Gryme, Bulletproof and Crushington. Tiki also collaborates with Drum n Bass legends Concord Dawn and Sambora and draws on the powerful vocal talents of Hollie Smith, Moana Maniapoto, Spanish superstar Bebe and his own father Uekaha Taane. Released in 2011, this is Tiki's third album release.

Track Listing

  1. Summertime feat. DubXL
  2. Soundtrack To Forever feat. Bulletproof
  3. Light Years Away feat. Crushington
  4. Nothing But Love feat. Truth
  5. La Bicha Dub feat. Bebe
  6. Light Years Away feat. Concord Dawn
  7. A Beautiful Mistake feat. Moana & The Tribe
  8. King Of The Dubs
  9. Bloodstone feat. Hollie Smith & Uekaha Taane
  10. Come Fly With Me feat. Sambora
  11. Chico feat. Charlie Te Marama
  12. My Lion feat. Optimus Gryme
  13. Kaitiaki feat. Uekaha Taane
  14. In The World Of Light


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