Auckland, The Civic Theatre

7.45pm 5 April, 2019

The Civic Theatre

TMI Pictures presents “Soldiers Without Guns” – An Untold Story of Unsung Kiwi Heroes

Limited tickets available.

This RED CARPET WORLD PREMIERE features powerful LIVE performances by
TIKI TAANE, NZ ARMY, NAVY and AIRFORCE PERSONNEL showcasing a cultural performance, and International Indigenous Dance troupe flying in just for the event.

SO WHAT IS THIS FILM ALL ABOUT? It’s a RADICAL untold New Zealand story…until now.

Narrated by Lucy Lawless, this film tells an untold story of unsung Kiwi heroes who were involved in the world’s most dangerous military mission. Instead of taking guns into the war-zone, these unarmed soldiers simply took guitars and culture.

This radical idea of sending soldiers without guns into the war-torn province of Bourgainville in Papa New Guinea was condemned by the national and international media, who felt the soldiers would be massacred given the first 14 peace attempts there had failed.

We follow the riveting journey of the peacekeepers as they endeavoured to use Music, Maori culture and Aroha to end the worst civil war in the Pacific’s history.

It has all the elements of hope and tragedy, love and greed, inspiration and disbelief. It will shock, touch, move and inspire you – but most of all, send you home with a smile on your heart.

Indie Film maker Will Watson, has been driven to tell this story for 13 years – his goal? To share an inspirational story about ending a war using aroha (love) instead of guns, in the hope that the message might save even one child from the horrors of war.

A David and Goliath story, it showcases everything we love most about the plight of the underdog, Kiwi Spirit, Māori culture, hearty Pacific traditions from beautiful Bougainville Island .

Will has gathered unseen footage from hundreds of contributors. He self-funded this project the whole way and with constant funding rejections, he finally tried a last ditch crowdfunding campaign last year and people just like you, gave $30,000 to help finish the film…and here it is!

You’ll love it. It’s jammed packed with fave NZ music from –
AND we are proud to be able introduce you to
KRAMIT – a Nelson husband & wife duo with harmonies from heaven in life and in music, who will be performing live on your arrival at The Civic Premiere.
MATIU TE HUKI – Wellington musician from a back ground in traditional Maori performing arts, theatre and renowned for his smooth unique voice

This feature-length documentary film shines a light on the untold story of unsung Kiwi heroes and their ‘mission impossible’. A story of love, compassion and hope all New Zealanders can be proud to call their own.

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