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Showcasing lyrics that Tiki wrote during the Salmonella Dub days back in 1998, this design is a mantra that we apply to all aspects of our music, art and business. We aspire to produce unique and great quality products that represent this kaupapa.

The originals of these prints are made by Nelson artist Hayley R in the colour darkroom.

“Using properties similar to that of the groundbreaking technique by Fox Talbot, the photogram. Surrounded in almost pitch darkness, I place the chosen lyrics and hand cut stencil down on the light sensitive paper. I choose my backing image, invert it and place that down on top of the stencil. I then flick the colour wheel to give me a mysterious colour combo and flick on the enlarger light. And hey presto! The photogram stencil is created”

Printed on matte Kodak digital photographic paper. Printed by Kodak.

PACKAGING Individually packaged in a cellophane sealed bag and backed with 300gsm card

Measurements: 8×10 inches
Created by Hayley R for Tikidub Productions

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