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Maurioho is our heitiki, based on a doorknocker which we had on our back door growing up in Christchurch (we never used the front door!). Over the years, our mate watched us grow, and come and go about our daily lives.

Mauri means lifeforce while oho is to awaken or surprise, and in his role as doorknocker that is exactly what Maurioho used to do. The term maurioho can also describe those wonderful moments in life where you may experience a fleeting sense of absolute awareness, when all makes sense – when you’re in “the zone”.

To acknowledge our old friend today as the realised Maurioho is a reminder to always value our past and our connection together as whanau (family), to look after the gifts we have received and to respect one and all who come into our lives and influence us – that means you.

Contrast rib droptail singlet, 150 GSM 100% cotton, pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage


Design by Tikidub Productions. Maurioho is our heitiki.

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